Welcome to the homepage of the Tiny Battery project.

This simple utility shows in shell nofiticaion area info about your notebook battery. It works even with batteries which does not support extended features. It shows how long you can play with your computer on battery, charging progress, assumptions. This utility is for Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

You can see Tiny Battery in action. Still 4 hours and 19 minutes remains on you battery power.

Dots below signalizes you battery charge percentage (at screenshot aproximately 100%). If you are charging your battery you should see dots moving to the right (as you know from cell phones) and remaining time to the full charge is displayed.

Current version is 0.3.1 and should be downloaded here(33kB). Here is installation package or ZIP package. ZIP package contains one .EXE file. No installation process is necessary. Just run it. Source code is also provided - here(28kB). Source code is for Visual Studio 7.1 (.NET 2003). Maybe should be easily compilable via Visual Studio 6.0 either.

Please, give me a feedback or your suggestions.

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